Friday, April 25, 2014

A Side-Trip Back to the Future, Building a Family Legacy

One of my bucket list projects is to fill my great-grandmother Dolly's cedar chest with baby afghans for any grandchildren or great-children who are born after I'm gone. I estimate that if my kids average three kids each, and their kids average three, then I'll need to have 60 stowed away (allowing for overlap of genders, and ones I'll give while I'm still kicking, etc.). I've been crocheting a lot as a stress reducer. (Cheaper and healthier than drinking, LOL.) My girls and I keep giving them away to friends, but I've got 10 or so net in the cedar chest.

A couple years ago, I packed up my paternal grandmother's china - which seems too fragile to use - and put it in the cedar chest, so I had to move it to a new storage spot to make room for the afghans. As I was moving the china, I realized that my dad's grandparents probably ate off that china. Between the china and the afghans (assuming any are around still for my grand-grandchildren), we spanned seven generations.

I know cedar chests and china and afghans are only objects, but I love the heritage they represent.

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  1. And I promise, there will be a link to fast, frugal AND fit in a future post about crochet.